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Our End User Agreement

Our end user agreement is set as below.

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You can't forward any information about our company and our services or any related product or service, until and unless you get an approval of our company.

All mobile carrier names, mobile brand names, mobile phone model names for example, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Apple etc. are linked to their respective owners, and we are not linked to them in any way, in any case not whatsoever. Names have been used for educational purpose only.

All services mentioned on website are based on speculation, however in any case or whatsoever, delay happens Our Company would not be held liable.

Sometimes due to some global issues orders gone delay, Price up or time up in this case may be supplier cancel or hold please do not push us or make huge debates to cancel order.


We do not guarantee a complete phone using our service, as some times if phone has been tried before and its counter variable gets locked, our provided code will not work and we don't offer refunds as suppliers by that time would have been paid in advance to the service provider in advance, so please ensure these entry criteria before you buy or use our services.

We consider doing our work in professional and in ethical manner, so if in any condition we find that any content or copyright material of our website has been used on a website not associated to our company or websites, strict legal measures will be taken against the offender.


Disclaimer: IMEI Repair Operation

The following disclaimer is intended to inform users about the nature of IMEI repair operations and their potential implications. Please read this disclaimer carefully before engaging in any IMEI repair services.

  1. Purpose and Scope: The purpose of IMEI repair is to restore the unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of a mobile device that may have been altered, damaged, or rendered invalid due to various reasons. IMEI repair is intended to bring the device back to its original state and enable its proper functioning.

  2. Legality and Compliance: IMEI repair services must be performed in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines in your jurisdiction. It is essential to ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to undertake an IMEI repair operation on your device. Engaging in any illegal or unauthorized activities related to IMEI repair is strictly prohibited.

  3. Risks and Consequences: IMEI repair operations carry certain risks and consequences that users should be aware of. These may include, but are not limited to:

    a. Warranty Void: IMEI repair may void the warranty of your device. It is important to understand that manufacturers or authorized service centers may consider IMEI repair as a violation of warranty terms and may refuse to provide support or service for the repaired device.

    b. Legal Implications: Improper or unauthorized IMEI repair can have legal consequences. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations governing IMEI repair operations. Engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities can result in legal penalties.

    c. Functionality and Compatibility: IMEI repair is aimed at restoring the original IMEI number of a device. However, it does not guarantee compatibility with all networks or services. Some network operators or service providers may not support devices with repaired IMEI numbers.

  4. Professional Service: IMEI repair is a technical process that requires expertise and specialized tools. It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance from authorized service centers or qualified technicians with experience in IMEI repair operations. Attempting to perform IMEI repair without the necessary knowledge and skills can lead to irreversible damage to the device.

  5. No Responsibility: We, as the provider of IMEI repair services, hereby state that we hold no responsibility for any damages, loss of functionality, legal implications, or other consequences resulting from the use of our services. Users engage in IMEI repair operations at their own risk and discretion.

  6. User Responsibility: By engaging in any IMEI repair operation, users accept full responsibility for their actions and understand the potential risks involved. It is important to exercise due diligence, research, and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines when seeking or performing IMEI repair services.

Acceptance of Terms

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